VHV has been providing our customers with a superior experience for decades. This is due to the integrity and quality that our team aspires to everyday, from the office to the field.

Ongoing Training

Our team is our most valuable asset, and we continue to see the benefit of offering ongoing training and certification opportunities to our existing employees.

Innovation is the Key

In the construction industry, cost-effective solutions that also make the most sense for the environment can sometimes be had to discern. Continuing the education and professional development of our engineers and team leaders allows VHV to continue to be at the front line of innovative solutions for our customers and their projects.

VHV - Ongoing Training

Current Leadership & Training Programs

We know the importance of effective leadership for any crew out in the field. That’s why we offer leadership training as well as supervisory training to both our employees as well as our peers, to keep the industry current. VHV employees can enroll in ongoing training in the summer. We’ve partnered with the Vermont Talent Pipeline to offer leadership and supervisory training to the general contractors and other subcontractors in our region.

Fundamentals of Crew Leadership Training

Intended for current craft professionals, this fundamentals course can help further your career to develop the leadership skills needed by foremen or crew leaders. This training begins in the fall and runs for approximately 12 weeks.

Project & Site Supervision Training

This training program is intended for current crew leaders, estimators, or project engineers looking for advance their careers to become Site Supervisors. This course runs for approximately 45 weeks.

Hydronic Systems Fundamentals

Intended for craft professionals and journeymen looking to understand the basics and fundamentals of hydronic heating system. The curriculum will cover system elements, primary/secondary system configurations, as well as proper start-up procedures. This fundamentals course runs for approximately 8 weeks.

NCCER Programs

To continue our commitment to quality and expand our vision beyond our current company, VHV has developed a training program in line with the nationally recognized and standardized programs of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).

The NCCER is a not-for-profit education foundation that defined a standardized training program for the construction industry. Born from a shared goal to develop a safe and productive workforce, NCCER provides both employer and employees with immense benefit.

VHV - NCCER Programs

Standardized Training

VHV has adopted the NCCER training curriculum as the backbone for employee education. All new hires at VHV will be enrolled in this program.

We chose to follow the guidelines of NCCER because of the vast benefits the organization offers. Employees at VHV become part of a larger network within the construction industry. The standardized curriculum guarantees each field employee has the same knowledge and training, allowing us to continue to bring an excellent experience to our customers.

Current NCCER Courses

Our current courses follow the NCCER curriculum. These standardized programs equip those enrolled with knowledge of industry best practices and cutting edge techniques to keep them at the front of the field and at the top of their game.


As the development of heating and air conditioning systems has increased, technology follows. This path of study equips technicians and installers with ongoing education in the field and the latest equipment and methods.

Sheet Metal

Opportunities for sheet metal workers are most common in HVACR, but many others exist. This curriculum prepares a trainee for a number of possibilities for growth into expert craftsmen in ductwork, bend allowances, and more.


Proper piping is essential to efficient and proper function for facilities throughout our towns, state and country. This learning track covers diverse topics for the design, installation, and maintenance of piping.


The National Center for Construction Education and Research was developed in 1996 to unify industry leaders, business leaders, and various associations within the construction industry to create standardized training. Above all else, the NCCER prioritizes a safe and productive workforce, and each member partner is expected to do the same.

This revolutionary program provides both companies and individuals with portable construction and maintenance credentials, creating a network of craft professionals.

Learn more about NCCER and the services they offer.

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The plumbing apprenticeship program at VHV is a State Registered Apprenticeship, an employer-sponsored training program. Other apprenticeship programs, including sheet metal, pipefitting, and HVAC, follow standard NCCER apprenticeship curriculum.

How Does it Work?

Apprentices learn skills on the job and acquire work experience in supervised conditions while attending classes and related instruction.

As the employer, VHV “sponsors” each individual as an apprentice. VHV helps financially support the related instruction part of the apprenticeship.

For the apprenticeship at VHV, apprentices receive a progressive wage scale as they develop their skill set and expertise.

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VHV - Apprenticeship

Current Apprenticeship Programs

Classes run from September to May each year. Each of the craft apprenticeships offered through VHV is a four (4) year program. Participants have 4 years of classroom and technical training. The individual needs 8,000 hours of on-the-job experience to sit for their journeyman assessment.

Plumbing, Pipefitting, and HVAC/R Service Technician Programs

These three apprenticeship programs consist of classroom training at VHV and supervised training alongside VHV employees.

Sheet Metal

The sheet metal apprenticeship program is completed through a partnership between VHV and New England Air. Apprentices alternate training sites between VHV and New England Air each year, or level, during the program.