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VHV builds relationships with our customers through providing dependable services to keep your systems running properly. When a unit does fail or needs a maintenance check, VHV is on the site to set things right.

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Preventative Maintenance Plan

General Maintenance

When operations need a tune-up, VHV is on site to perform general maintenance. Proper maintenance of HVAC/R systems helps your bottom line. HVAC/R systems should be maintained according to the manufacturers suggested schedule.

Preventative Maintenance

Having a preventative maintenance plan in place can assist in the predication of a possible equipment failure down the road. Keep your systems running smoothly with routine checks with VHV. Our preventative maintenance contracts promote system efficiency, helps our environment and may result in lower energy bills.

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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

When a system fails catastrophically, you need assistance NOW.

Our dispatch team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to an emergency. Trust VHV to help get your operations back up and running as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We promise a two hour maximum response time to emergency calls.

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Replacement Equipment

Our field teams are certified technicians and installers, equipped with the experience and know-how to replace a failed or aging piece of equipment with skill and efficiency.

With experience working with all major manufacturers in the HVAC/R industry, we can recommend the ideal solution for your facility.

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Other Specialities: Ultra Low temp, Autoclave, Incubators

Other Specialities:

  • Ultra Low Temp (ULT) equipment -80 to -150 °C freezers. Manufacturer’s Representative and training for repair, installation and maintenance of Thermo Fisher and Sanyo ULT equipment.
  • Autoclave Laboratory Sterilizers Manufacturer’s representative and trained for repair, installation and maintenance of Consolidated Sterilizer Systems.
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The Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Proactive care for optimal HVAC performance

The Preventative Maintenance Checklist

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Guaranteed Excellence

When you partner with VHV, you get a guarantee on our quality of service.

Our skilled team of service technicians are proficient in the replacement, repair and maintenance of operations systems across various industries. We offer ongoing training to our service team, so each individual can stay up to date and certified to service the latest products using the most effective methods.