A straightforward approach to construction contracting

Whether you partner fully with VHV for a design/build project, or contract only specific services for your construction project, our objectives are the same: work efficiently to complete the project on time, and provide quality work within your project budget.

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Single-Point Contract

Unlike the traditional project delivery process, your design team and contractor are collaborating from the beginning. This unified approach diminishes scheduling conflicts and budgeting constraints that arise when the project owner is coordinating with multiple contracts.

Innovative Solutions – Optimal Project Results

With the design-build team working in conjunction from the beginning, collaborative problem-solving leads to innovative solutions. Cooperation between teams means that each solution is examined from more than one perspective, all with the end goal of completing your project on time and under budget.

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Project architect’s preferred partner

Assisting in the planning of a project requires clear communication and coordination. When VHV signs on in a design/assist capacity, our engineers are conscious of the needs of the facility, as well as the importance of the budget of the project.

Collaborative Design – Budget Conscious Planning

Design Assistance includes a structured, interactive process where costs, value engineering, constructability, schedule impacts, energy efficiency, and code compliance are reviewed and provided throughout the process. Our diverse portfolio and successes in past Design/Assist projects is because of our great working relationships with the design team that brings our services on board.

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Committed to Completing the Project on Time

For traditional projects, VHV is still active in the plan/spec process to lend our decades of expertise. While other contractors only focus on their part of the job, we do all that we can to help keep your project on track.

Trusted Expertise – Invested in Innovation

With experience on the sites of various facility types, we know what works and what doesn’t. Partnering with VHV brings experience to the project, as well as the plan/spec delivery process. We believe that preparation is the best policy when working with other contractors on a project. Our teams review the project well in advance of our contracted construction date.

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Our Process

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